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Master's Thesis

THE BEGINNING ‒ Announcing the subject

  • Announcing the subject
  • Changing the subject
  • Changing the supervisor/s

Announcing the subject of the master’s thesis
In principle, you have to send written notification of the subject and supervisor of your master’s thesis to the dean of studies at the dean’s office of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities using this form (pdf), before you start writing.

Changing the subject of the master’s thesis
You can change the subject of your thesis with the consent of your supervisor, but you must announce the change by again submitting an application form (pdf) to the dean's office of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
Changing the supervisor of the master’s thesis
A change of supervisor is admissible until the master’s thesis is submitted, but must be announced to the dean's office of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities by again submitting an application form (pdf) (including the confirmation notice on the agreement of the previous supervisor).



According to a decision of the deans of studies, all students are obliged to prepare a short abstract (each with a maximum of 2000 characters including spaces for online submission) in both German and English, as well as in the original language of the thesis should this be neither German nor English.

You are required to upload these short summaries and your thesis (PDF/A) on UNIGRAZonline via your app “My Theses". All required fields (see "formal requirements not met") must be completed.
Once both abstracts and the thesis are uploaded, click the "Submit Now” button. This will automatically notify your supervisor via e-mail that the abstracts are to be released. If your supervisor is not employed at the University of Graz, please inform the Examination Office (Dean's Office) immediately of the submission by e-mail to gewi.anerkennung(at)uni-graz.at.
Detailed instructions for upload (only in german).

Your supervisor may additionally request a printout of your master thesis. This printout has to be handed in directly to your supervisor.

Temporary exclusion
If the publication of the thesis would endanger important legal or economic interests, you can apply for the thesis to be blocked for a maximum of 5 years. During the blocking period, your thesis will not be publicly accessible. For this purpose, please complete the application for temporary exclusion of the use of the master's thesis and send it by e-mail immediately after submitting the thesis in UNIGRAZonline to gewi.anerkennung(at)uni-graz.at.

Plagiarism check
Your thesis (PDF/A) uploaded and submitted in UNIGRAZonline will be subjected to a plagiarism check after approval by your supervisor.

Once you have submitted your thesis successfully and received a positive grade for it, you can register for the master's examination before a committee. You will find all information here!


Between submission of the thesis and the exam: 4 weeks
The period between the submission of a scientific paper and the final degree examination must not be shorter than four weeks.

Between expert report and examination: 2 weeks
If the degree programme is completed with a final degree examination, this examination can be taken two weeks at the earliest after the expert report/s has/have been submitted to the examination office or the dean's office.
How long can the evaluation of the thesis take?
Acc. to section "Provisions under Study Law" § 27 (8), the supervisor must assess the thesis within two months upon its submission.

Your upcoming graduation requires you to provide information about your degree and study-related stays abroad for the purpose of statistics on education in Austria acc. to § 9 Education Documentation Act in the Federal Law Gazette I Nr. 12/2002 as amended. For further information see here (Academic Affairs).
These statistics must be completed before you collect the documents related to your graduation. Duration: approx. 5 min.


Master's Thesis
Dekanat der GEWI-Fakultät Universitätsplatz 3, EG 8010 Graz

Coordination Centre for teacher training programmes


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