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Global Window

Would you like to

  • expand your intercultural skills in an increasingly globalised world?
  • incorporate practical training into your studies?
  • improve your career prospects?

As of the winter semester of 2020/21, Arts and Humanities students may now take the “Global Window” module with an international focus:

The supplementary subject (restricted elective course) “Global Window”, offered exclusively at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, promotes theoretical and, above all, practical knowledge, and skills in internationalisation and (inter)cultural competence. Based on a range of topics, such as mobility, multilingualism, identity, migration, flight and climate change, the course discusses interdependencies and addresses practice-oriented concepts of diversity, trans- and interculturality, digitalisation and internationalisation.

In this course, students will learn about academic approaches to internationalisation and (inter)cultural competence between the conflicting poles of globalisation and its impact on local conditions, and they will become aware of the importance and the effects of increasing plurality in all areas of life in historical, linguistic and cultural terms.

Supplementary subject/Restricted elective course starting in the winter semester of 2020/21

Arts and Humanities students may select “Global Window” as a supplementary subject (restricted elective course), encompassing 24 ECTS credits. The courses needed for Global Window are outlined in the respective curricula. Registration for these courses takes place via UNIGRAZonline. Mobility experiences, in other words practical training abroad or domestic practical training with an intercultural focus, as well as courses taken abroad can be accredited for this course. Global Window will be offered on a yearly basis.

  • BA History

Contact & Information

Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr.phil.

Judith Laister

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2586

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