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Nostrification is the process of recognising a foreign degree as equivalent to the completion of a regular study programme in Austria. Once nostrified, a degree programme has a status of complete equality to an Austrian degree programme, including the right to carry an Austrian academic title.

A prerequisite for nostrification is that said nostrification is necessarily required for the professional practice or continuation of education in Austria. In the nostrification process, it is examined as to whether an Austrian or equivalent degree is required by law for taking up a professional activity in Austria and on the basis of which (professional) regulations this is required.

Nostrification is only possible if the study programme completed abroad is equivalent to a degree programme of the University of Graz with regard to the outcome of the overall education. Criteria for the review are the content, scope and requirements of the degree programme to be recognised. If equivalency is principally given and only individual achievements are lacking for full equivalence, it is possible for the university to specify individual examinations as a condition for notification. Once these have been passed, nostrification can be completed.

For more detailed initial information about nostrification, please arrange an appointment at the office of the Director of Studies of the University of Graz (Ms. Anna Hutter) for personal consultation. The formal application for nostrification along with all other necessary documents (see below) must be submitted to the dean's office.

Please note: It is inadmissible to submit in the same application for nostrification at another university in Austria at the same time or after the application has already been withdrawn at another university in Austria (§ 90 par. 2 Universities Act).

The following documents must be submitted to the dean's office:

  • Completed application form (docx)
  • Passport (original or certified copy)
  • Any documents and translations of documents related to name changes [e.g. marriage certificate] (original or certified copy)
  • Curriculum vitae (signed)
  • Diploma (original) + certified translation
  • Transcript of Records/certificates/module description (original or certified copy) + certified translation
  • Bachelor’s thesis/master’s thesis/dissertation/diploma thesis (including 10-page abstract in German or English)
  • Proof that nostrification is mandatory for the continuation of the professional or educational path in Austria (e.g. confirmation notice of the Provincial School Board, etc.)
  • Proof of payment of the nostrification tax amounting to EUR 150,-

It is required to submit either the original documents or a certified copy of those documents with the exception of the award certificate, which must always be the original. Foreign-language documents must be submitted together with a certified copy. Foreign documents must be duly certified. Nostrification is issued by notification of the responsible dean of studies. The notification must specify to which domestic degree the foreign degree corresponds and which domestic academic title the applicant is entitled to in place of the foreign academic title based on the nostrification. Notification must be specified on the certificate presented as evidence of the foreign degree.


Dean´s Office, Universitätsplatz 3, EG 8010 Graz
Christina Hörzer Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2288


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