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Doctoral examination

The doctoral examination (thesis defense) is the final board examination of doctoral studies. Information on the procedure (e.g. duration, number of examiners) can be found in the respective doctoral curriculum. Registration for the doctoral examination is made using the following forms, which must be submitted to the dean's office:

When submitting your doctoral thesis, you can already indicate the examination date you have requested. Please note that the reviews/evaulations should reach the dean's office two weeks before the examination date. You should coordinate the date with the three examiners.

The doctoral examination takes place in the meeting room of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. You can find out about available dates for the meeting room in the Dean's Office (with Mrs. Christina Hörzer) or in the calendar of the "Sitzungszimmer GEWI" in UNIGRAZonline under Search - Rooms.

Invitations to the public doctoral examination can be found on the website of the Faculty under News.

After the doctoral examination you will receive your final certificate in the dean's office.


Doctoral programmes
Dekanat der GEWI-Fakultät Universitätsplatz 3, EG 8010 Graz
Christina Hörzer Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2288


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