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No. You have until the end of the first or second registered semester of your doctoral programme to announce the topic and the supervisor along with the supervision agreement and exposé to the (vice) dean of studies by submitting the corresponding forms to the dean's office (forms).


The subject for which a member of the teaching staff has a teaching qualification is listed on the business card of the person concerned in UNIGRAZonline. If you are not sure whether someone has a teaching qualification, you can ask at the relevant office. In principle, teaching staff with the following titles have a teaching qualification: o.Univ.-Prof. /in; ao.Univ.-Prof. /in; Univ.-Prof. /in; tit.Univ.-Prof. /in; Univ.-Doz. /in; Priv.-Doz. /in; Assoz.-Prof. /in

External supervisors or evaluators must be approved by the (vice) dean of studies. Please contact the responsible (vice) dean of studies by e-mail.

The required subject area is the subject area to which the topic of your doctoral thesis is assigned. Here is a list of the possible examination subject areas (only in German). The elective subject area must be meaningfully related to your topic and should also be listed here. In any case, the required subject area must be part of your field of study, while the elective subject area may also be part of another humanities field of study. If you would like to choose an elective subject area outside of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, you must state a reason for this when announcing your subject areas. You must also complete a specified number of courses for each of the two subject areas and you will be examined in these two subject areas in the doctoral examination.

You will find a list of the courses offered in your field of study every semester in UNIGRAZonline. Click on the application “Degree programmes” and look for the “Doctoral Programme Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities”. You will find all available required and elective courses under “Lehrveranstaltungen” (example WS 2016/17).

Please contact the chairperson of the curricular committee by e-mail.

The number of courses or ECTS credit points to be completed is listed in your curriculum. As soon as you have completed all required achievements, you can submit the protocol to the dean's office. You will then receive an official notification stating whether you have successfully completed this section of the curriculum.

It is best to submit the protocol immediately after completing all of required achievements, but at the latest you must submit it before submitting your doctoral thesis.

At least 4 weeks. However, the evaluators have 4 months to prepare their assessment reports of the doctoral thesis.

The examining committee for the doctoral examination consists of 3 examiners and a chairperson.

You can take the doctoral examination as soon as you have successfully completed all required courses and both reports on your doctoral thesis are received a positive assessment.

Yes, without exception.

Curriculum 17W: The second evaluator as well as the second supervisor do not have to be members of the examining committee. In any case, the first evaluator and the first supervisor are members of the committee. If the first supervisor and the first evaluator are not the same person, the first supervisor must be a member of the examining committee.

External supervisors or evaluators must be approved by the vice dean of studies. Please contact the responsible vice dean of studies by e-mail.

The vice dean of studies appoints the chairperson.

Curriculum 17W: Part 1 covers the thesis defence consisting of a public presentation and defence of the doctoral thesis taking into account the expert opinions provided by the evaluators in the context of a general discussion. This part lasts a maximum of 60 minutes. Of these 60 minutes, 30 minutes are allocated to the presentation of the doctoral thesis. Part 2 consists of an oral scientific-specialist examination discussion with the candidate and involving all the examiners on problem questions of the subject in the context of the doctoral thesis topic. This part lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.

The assessment load must be agreed with the examiners.

You decide the date for your doctoral examination together with the examiners. When deciding on a date, please keep in mind that the reports on the doctoral thesis must be submitted to the dean's office 14 days before the doctoral examination.

You must submit the form Registration for the Doctoral Examination to the dean's office at least 2 weeks before the examination.

In the meeting room of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Universitätsplatz 3, ground floor.

You will receive a grade for the thesis defence, a grade for the required subject area and a grade for the elective subject area. Your overall assessment is based on these three grades. A doctoral student will "pass with distinction" if no grade is below a "good" (2) and more than half of all grades are "excellent" (1). The doctoral student will "pass" if all grades are positive.

You will receive the certificate no later than one week after the examination.

Once you have received the doctoral examination certificate, you can collect your doctoral certificate and register for the graduation ceremony at the Academic Affairs office.

Dean of studies

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Margit Reitbauer

Vice dean of studies

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Reisinger

Coordination Centre for teacher training programmes

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